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NEW ARTICLE: What are Giclee Prints.

NEW ARTICLE: What are Giclee Prints.

In the world of art a fancy word that gets tossed around the art community is Giclee. (Pronounced Zhee-clay) Once you finally figure out how to say the word correctly, it’s time to understand what it means. Giclee is simply a fancy French word that means to spay. To what?!?! Yes, Giclee prints derive their name from the process in which they are made. These high end prints are created by using special inkjet printers that usually contain twelve or more inks. In order to take advantage of the printers wide gamut, special fine art papers need to be used in the printing process which ensures color and tonal accuracy. 


NEW ARTICLE: In depth guide to creating beautiful panoramas.

NEW ARTICLE:  In depth guide to creating beautiful panoramas.

WHAT IS PANORAMA PHOTOGRAPHY? The traditional definition of Panorama photography is the process of capturing an image that is longer than a standard photograph. Most panoramas are longer on the horizontal side but they can be longer on vertical side as well. Panorama photographs can be created using digital or analog film cameras. Before the invention of the modern digital camera, special film cameras had to be used to capture panoramic images. Today, just about any digital camera can be used to create a pano. 

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The Photography Happy Hour | August 7th | Max Foster & Mike Wardynski

The Photography Happy Hour | August 7th | Max Foster & Mike Wardynski

Join Max Foster and I for another episode of the Photography Happy Hour on July 10th at 4pm mountain time. During this virtual event, Max and I will sip a few of our favorite drinks while discussing what is means to be a landscape photographer. Max is an established fine art nature photographer who knows his way around the lens. His work consists of well thought out compositions and precise post processing. Max is an established photographer and sells large scale prints through his website at

After Max and I finish our conversation, we'll open the floor to Q&A where participant are encouraged to Max and myself any questions that they'd like. If you'd prefer to ask your question off the air, you can always email them to me in advance at

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New Article: The Best Photography Galleries in Santa Fe

New Article: The Best Photography Galleries in Santa Fe

Located in northern New Mexico, Santa Fe is world renowned for its high concentration of fine art galleries and artist collectives. From Canyon Road to Art Festivals, Santa Fe is popular among seasoned art collectors and curious art buyers alike. While paintings and sculptures are plentiful throughout the city, high quality fine art photography can be a little harder to come by. As a photographer and resident of Santa Fe, I decided to put together a list of the best photography galleries in the region. Each gallery on this list offers something special and is worth paying a visit should you find yourself in northern New Mexico.

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NEW ARTICLE: The Best Photographers of All Time

NEW ARTICLE: The Best Photographers of All Time

What does it take to be one of the greatest photographers of all time? Dedication, vision and a willingness to do things your own way will certainly help. In my latest article "The Best and Most Influential Photographers of all Time" dives into some of the greatest photographer to ever walk the earth. They each have mastered their craft and help define what modern day photography is. 

Join me for "The Photography Happy Hour" May 2nd at 5pm MDT

Join me for

I'm happy to announce that I will be hosting the first "Photography Happy Hour" on May 2nd at 5pm MDT.

This free event is photographers of all skill levels who would like to deepen their understanding of photography. No questions are off limits as long as they relate to photography. So pour yourself a glass and join me for a discussion of the finer things in life. 

Since this is a happy hour after all, I'll start off by highlighting my drink of the month. After a few words and maybe a few sips, I'll dive right into some of the mistakes I've made in photography as well as some of the thing that I've gotten right over the years. Lastly I'll open the discussion up to questions. 

Have an editing question? Just Ask! Want to know how I got a particular shot? Just Ask! Don't know how to turn your camera on? I can help with that too!  The point is that there are no bad questions, and I look forward to helping you along the way on your photographic journey.

Spaces are limited.

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Version 4.0 of is now live!

Version 4.0 of is now live!

Welcome to the new and improved photography gallery of Mike Wardynski. After several months of reworking the site I'm happy with cleaner and more user friendly version of For those of you who didn't know or can't remember how to spell my last name, will take you to my gallery home page. 

I've added a few new features to site included a search page to help art collectors quickly find the photograph they are looking for. I've also added a Recent Additions Photo Gallery so collectors can stay up to date with my latest work. 

The Blog articles from the previous site have been migrated over to the new site and can be found under Articles Link in the menu bar. Another new feature of the site is this News Page where you can find out about all of the latest information on my workshops, fine art photography, recent blog post and gallery showcases. My blog post will no longer we organized by date but I'll always post a link to the latest posts on this page.