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The American Southwest is the land of enchantment. The vast rolling desert is not a void but rather a series of complex ecosystems that radiate magnificent beauty. From the slot canyons of northern Arizona to the white sands of southern New Mexico, the southwest is a wildly immersive place. The cold of winter is pushed away by spring winds which set the stage for summer monsoons that drop rain like curtains from the sky. The monsoons eventually fade into autumn and the cycle repeats. The land and the seasons have a symbiotic relationship that becomes more apparent the longer one spends in the desert landscape.

Sand and Branch

Sand and Branch | Fine Art Print | Limited Edition of 100

My fine art photographs are a testament to the ever-changing beauty of the great American Southwest. Each photograph serves as a love letter to mother nature and all of her creations. When I set out to photograph a landscape, I often visit her many times. I listen to what she has to say and observe the way the light falls upon her. I build a relationship with my subject so I know how to best portray the intimate and sometimes subtle beauty of our great planet.

Photographs of the southwest often demonstrate nature’s finest artwork that is both timeless and elegant. The landscape can be simple as well as complex, and sometime it is both at the same time. There is poetry in the sky and there is poetry in the land. My job as a photographer is to convey that poetry within the space in which the photograph is hung.

While some think of the desert as desolate, the desert I know is a vibrant place. It is colorful if you know when to look. It is dramatic if you know where to look and it is beautiful if you know how to look. In short, the desert is simply marvelous. The landscape photography in this article is intended to bring you inspiration and relaxation. My wish is for the spirit of The Southwest to enrich the walls of your home and bring you the joyful comfort of serenity. Click here to see my full southwest art gallery.



Arizona is most famously known for the Grand Canyon. Artist, poets and photographers have been attracted to the canyon for generations just to be present in all of its glory. The Grand Canyon is not alone when comes to beautiful landscapes though. The most famous and beautiful slot canyons in the world are in Arizona. My “Woman of Light” fine are print was taken in Antelope Canyon and is a favorite amongst collectors. In this photograph, reflected light illuminates the sandstone wall illuminating what looks like a Native American woman walking through the halls with a gentle presence.

Southwest Artwork and photography from Arizona
"The Horseshoe" - Prestige Series | 4" Roma Tabaccino frame (Dark Ash) with 3'" white linen liner (Prestige Series)

The Horseshoe” is another one of my best selling art pieces. The photograph is a black and white landscape of the Iconic Horseshoe Bend near Page Arizona. The image was captured on an overcast day in the winter of 2018. The high contrast scene is striking and surely commands attention in any room that it is hung. This premium print looks best when printed as a 40x60 Lumachrome Acrylic showpiece.
Arizona’s landscape is timeless and beautiful which is why so many of my works of art come from there.


Sharing a border with Arizona, Utah is equally as photogenic as its southern neighbor. From the Arches of Moab to the rich native culture of Bears Ears, Utah is a work of art within itself. The red Navajo sandstone and painterly rock formations are truly iconic and unmistakably southwestern.

framed southwest landscape photography
30"x45" Framed fine art print of The Southwest | 4" Roma Tabbachino Frame - Dark Ash with 3" linen liner | "Where Water Flows" (Prestige Series)

The photograph “Where Water Flows” is a striking image from Zion National Park where water flows through a narrow notch of red Navajo sandstone in the autumn time. Reflected canyon light produces golden highlights that make this image come to life. A couple of yellow and red leaves line the rock creating beautiful accents that complete the shot. This art piece pairs nicely with “Autumn Gold” mentioned below.

"Embrace" is a personal favorite photograph of mine due to its uniqueness and simplistic minimalism. The photograph is a downward shot of a sage branch and rock on a clean sandstone backdrop. The branch and rock fit perfectly together like a lock and key as if they are embracing one another. That is where the name come from. Viewers will often point out how the rock and branch become one to form a heart. The poetry in this piece is truly remarkable which lends itself to an excellent conversation piece. My favorite way to display this timeless print is behind acrylic glass in a four inch “Dark Ash” Roma frame with a black linen liner. (Prestige Series)

New Mexico

New Mexico, beautiful New Mexico... New Mexico truly is the land of enchantment. With a history that is as deep as its beauty, it is no wonder that artists and photographers flock to the likes of Santa Fe Santa Fe for inspiration and to make a living selling their artwork and photography. In New Mexico the land is vast and the sky is alive. The blue of morning acts as a blank canvas for mother nature to paint as the day unfolds into a great spectacle of clouds and light.

White Sands has served as a place of deep pleasure throughout my photographic career. It is a landscape that I will continue to visit for the rest of my years and maybe beyond. The white sand dunes create surreal landscape photographs that are minimalistic in nature. My “Photograph Desert Silk” was created during a sand storm on my first visit to the dunes. This photograph is the epitome of minimalism and has always stuck out as personal favorite because of simplistic qualities.

Yucca sunrise desert southwest fine wall art for sale
"Yucca Sunrise" framed in 4" Roma Tabaccino (Dark Ash) with white linen liner (Prestige Series)

Yucca Sunrise” is a much more colorful depiction of White Sands National Park. In this photograph the white sand reflects the pastel colors of sunrise with nothing but a single Yucca plant centered in the foreground. This image offers the beautiful simplicity of a Southwestern color palate and desert vegetation. This photograph looks great when framed in my standard Tabacchino framing shown above as well as when framed in a simple white Ramino frame.

My print “Sea of Sand” is reminiscent of waves in an endless sea with three small bushes floating in the surf. This print is an incredibly peaceful and relaxing piece of artwork. It’s hard to believe that such a clean landscape exists in nature.


Colorado is the Rocky Mountain State and it certainly has a lot to offer in the arena of landscape photography. The rugged mountain peaks of the Rockies inspire awe in all who witness them. Magnificent in any season, Colorado is a constantly changing landscape.

My print “Autumn Gold” is a striking photo of aspen tree trunks wrapped in the yellow foliage of autumn. It embodies the essence of fall but makes for a beautiful centerpiece regardless of the season. The print is happiest in mountain homes but it works in just about any home or office. Captured in the San Juan Mountains, this print is one of my best selling photographs and will certainly sell out.

Where to buy landscape photography of Colorado
"Autumn Gold" Fine art print of Colorado aspens framed in 4" Tabbachino - Dark Ash (Prestige Series)

Canyons of the Ancients” is a classic black and white photograph of a Native American ruin overlooking a vast mesa in Western Colorado. This vertical print has great tonal qualities and contrast with excellent sharpness. The print just pops off the wall when face mounted to acrylic with a Roma Frame. (Prestige Series)

All of my fine are photographs are available for purchase in my online gallery. Click here to see my curated photo gallery of Southwest imagery.

Southwest Fine Art Photography

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contemporary southwest landscape photography
"Wind and Sand" - Fine Art Acrylic Print in 4" Roma Tabacchino Fram with 3' White Linen Liner (Prestige Series)
high end southwest wall art
Resting in the Halls of Time 40"x60" acrylic print in 4" Tabaccino - Dark Ash frame with 3" white linen liner (Prestige Series)
large scale panoramic photograph of the southwest
"Clearing Storm Over the Grand Canyon" large panorama photograph | 40" x 120" acrylic print on float mount (Select Series)
contemporary southwest wall art for purchase
"Canyon Carvings" (Prestige Series) | Woman of Light (Prestige Series)
Modern southwest landscape photography for sale
"Flowing Heart" 40"x60" Float mount acrylic print of the Southwest (Select Series)
framed black and white artwork for purchase
"Desert Dream" Acrylic Southwest Print in 3.5" Roma Ramino frame
pastel southwest photography for purchase
"Desert Visions" 24x36 premium wall art framed in 4" Tabaccino - Dark Ash with white linen liner (Prestige Series)
minimal southwest photography for purchase
"Embrace" Minimal Southwest Art framed in elegant 4" Roma Tabacchino - Dark Ash with white linen liner (Prestige Series)
Minimal photography of the southwest
"Desert Silk" Minimal landscape photography from the Southwest in 4" Roma - Tabacchino Dark Ash Frame with white linen liner (Prestige Series)
contemporary southwest photography for sale
"Rolling Gypsum" Contemporary photography under acrylic in 1.5" black Ramino frame (Premiere Series)
black and white photographs of the southwest.jpg
"Canyons of the Ancient" Premium black and white landscape photography of the Southwest framed in luxurious 4" Roma Tabacchino Dark Ash frame with white linen liner (Prestige Series)
Santa Fe Chilies southwestern fine art photography for sale
"Santa Fe Chiles" 40"x60" Photographic acrylic print of the Southwest framed in 4" Roma Tabacchino Dark Ash frame with 3" white linen liner (Prestige Series)
luxury fine art of the southwest

"Persistence" Fine art of the Southwest | Framed acrylic print in 4" Roma Tabaccino Dark Ash with white linen liner (Prestige Series)

Large Scale photographs for home interiors

"Ancient Dwelling" Black and white photography of the southwest | 4" Roma Tabacchino frame - Dark Ash (Prestige Series)