Photography Workshops

Small Group Landscape & Wildlife Photography Workshops with World Class Instruction by Mike Wardynski

With twenty years of photography knowledge and nearly a decade of experience guiding and instructing photography workshops, I have committed myself to offer the best and most unique trips on the planet. All workshops are limited to seven participants or less to ensure a comfortable shooting experience that is both fun and conducive to creating great images.

Every workshop is carefully planned, scouted and executed to ensure that my clients come away with the best possible photographs from any given location. Landscape & wildlife photography requires a lot of planning, but rest assured that I have put in the leg work of mulling over all of the details of every trip. From the time of year to the time of day that we shoot, every logistical aspect has been taken care of so you can simply focus on taking great photographs. Each photography workshop that I offer is unique in it's own right. But don't take my word for it. Read my 100% 5-Star reviews on Google.

Feel free to contact me with any questions that arise when browsing through the workshops page. I love chatting with other photographers and would love to hear from you!

Workshop Testimonials

"Mike is a Five star Pro all around. It’s all about preparation and common sense. Mike does all the background work to allow you to have a fun time. He puts you over the most amazing photogenic sites and behind the scenes he keeps your safety as priority. He understands the area’s hazards and has even had training on how to handle health emergencies. I feel more confident in traveling with Mike because some sites have limited cell coverage. I know that Mike not only has prepared the trip for my photographic success but also has the common sense to do so with my wellbeing as priority. I come back home with a work of fine art and do so with peace of mind." - Phyllis E.

I’ve been on numerous photo tours and workshops and have found Mike to be one of the best guides! He has fantastic teaching skills and patience for beginner through advanced photographers. This workshop showcased his careful scouting and planning for our awesome week in Kauai; including hiking and site access tips, specific location and timing of each shoot along with access knowledge. His upbeat attitude and sense of humor always makes the workshops enjoyable and productive. - Jennifer M.

"Mike is a brilliant photographer and the best teacher I’ve ever worked with. He’s extremely knowledgeable, patient, and has a unique ability to meet his student’s needs at their individual experience levels. He’s fun to work with because he’s alway enthusiastic, positive, and he truly loves what he’s doing. Also, he comes prepared with contingencies and alternative locations in mind to respond to unpredictable weather conditions. I especially appreciate his resourcefulness." - Sandy G.

I highly recommend doing workshops with Mike. I’ve done half a dozen with him over the past few years and it’s always a highlight of my year. Mike’s a funny, easy going, nature loving guy who is a joy to be around because he truly cares for and enjoys people. He will have you experiencing wonderfully beautiful locations while growing your skills as a photographer, and having fun while doing it. I walk away from each workshop feeling refreshed to go back into work, and with a killer shot I can’t wait to share. The small group sizes are great because it enables Mike to pay close attention to everyone, being attentive when you need it and also knowing when to give you space for learning and creativity. I think one of the biggest selling points of Mike’s workshops is the deep research and trip planning he does before starting a new workshop. I’ve seen the benefits of this in the unique locations Mike takes us to, the interesting knowledge he shares that leaves me feeling more connected to an experience, and the on-the-fly flexibility Mike pulls from as mother nature disagrees with our itinerary. I’ve seen weather make him need to pivot our plans from A to B to C, and we’ve still come out having a good shoot. A few days on a photo trip planned by Mike leaves me with more high quality shoots than the sum of all my personally planned trips in a year. Mike makes it so you can simply show up and focus 100% on photography. Don’t hesitate to book a workshop with him, you won’t regret it!" - Adam S.

"Mike is an exceptional teacher and a great guide! As a total beginner, I learned more from him in just 20 minutes than I had on a prior 2 week long photo trip. His passion for photography and nature is contagious and makes every shoot exciting and fun. He's super attentive, patient and a great hands-on instructor; helping set up the composition, talking you through and explaining what settings to use and why in every situation. His scheduling and shoots are well thought out and he's great at finding the best spots to help you get a great shot. No matter your level, I'd 100% recommend traveling with Mike--he's just the best!" Vanessa N.

Mike is an exceptionally talented artist and photographer, yet he remains humble. It’s a pleasure exploring locations and creative interpretations of the subject at hand with him. He has zero ego and the focus is always on helping the workshop participants express their own vision with his extensive technical expertise and generous guidance. I have worked with him many times and I always learn something new. He’s a natural leader and teacher as well as being an accomplished artist. This combination is rare in my experience. I feel lucky to have found him to help me improve my own photographic vision. - Gary S

Read my 5-Star reviews on Google