Kauai Photography Workshop | FEB 28 - March 6 2024 | Only 1 Space Remaining

Na Pali Rainbow

Kauai Photography Workshops by Mike Wardynski Photography

Workshop Overview

Along the northern most edge of the Hawaiian island chain is the beautifully rugged island of Kauai. Kauai, is known as the Garden Island because of its vast amount of green vegetation. It is the oldest of the main islands, making for an incredibly dramatic landscape that consists of sandy beaches, rugged coastline, and lush mountains. Micro climates dot the island creating weather that tends to build and shape spectacular light throughout the day translating into beautiful photographs.


We’ll spend eight days and seven nights photographing the entire island of Kauai. There will be a sunrise and sunset shoot for every full day of the workshop as long as weather cooperates. Each day we will take a break in the middle of the day so you can enjoy the island and get some rest when the light is not very conducive to photography. Waimea Canyon is notorious for its rainbows and we’ll do our best to photograph a few of those if the weather is looking good. This is a small group workshop with no more than six participants.


One of the best views of Kauai is from the air, so we’ll be photographing the Na’ Pali coast from a helicopter! The ride will be doors off, so you won’t have to fight with the glare that windows can cause. Since it will be a doors-off ride, no lens swapping is allowed. You can bring a spare camera and lens if you want various focal lengths. The flight is weather dependent but will be scheduled for the first full day of the workshop to increase our odds of getting in the air. You will be issued a refund of $340 if the flight does not happen.

Na Pali Coast

The Na Pali Coast by Helicopter

Sun shines down on the Na Pali Cost during a beautiful sunny day on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The rugged coastline jets up 4,000 feet from the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean like a castle in the clouds. This aerial view of the cathedrals is perhaps the most dramatic stretch of coastline in the entire state of Hawaii. © Mike Wardynski Photography


The weather on Hawaii can vary drastically from day to day and location to location. Some parts of the island receive only a modest amount of rain, while other parts are among the wettest on earth. It is because of this fact that Kauai

often has incredible light. It is important to be prepared for just about every type of weather when we’re on the island. You’ll want a rain jacket for yourself as well as your camera.

Rain pants are a must to keep your legs dry and somewhat clean from the mud. Although it may sound odd, you’ll want to bring a hat and warm jacket as well. The rim of Waimea Canyon can be rather cold in the morning and evening time. With that being said, don’t forget your shorts, sun lotion, and swim suit. The beach can be quite pleasant even in the winter.


While most of Kauai is very accessible, we may do one or two short hikes on the workshop. The round trip distances will be under a mile with an elevation change of about 200 feet. You are more than welcome to sit out any portion of the workshop that you do not feel comfortable doing. All participants should be capable of hiking on uneven surfaces. Bring waterproof hiking boots with good tread and trekking poles.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions regarding hiking or physical requirements. I want all participants to be safe and happy during the workshop.

Returning Home


Below is a sample itinerary for our time in Kauai. Please keep in mind that weather can drastically alter our schedule.

DAY 1: Poipu
3PM Orientation at the Sheraton Kauai Resort
Sunset shoot

DAY 2: Poipu
Sunrise shoot
Doors off helicopter ride (Weather Dependent)
Sunset Shoot

DAY 3: Poipu
We’ll shoot sunrise and sunset in the Waimea region with some potential daytime shooting if the weather looks good.

DAY 4: Poipu

The 4th day will be a chance to get better light in some of the areas that we have already shot.

DAY 5 : Transfer to Princeville
Sunset shoot along the north coast.

DAYS 6-7 : Princeville

Sunrise and Sunset shoots along the north coast.

DAY 8: Princeville
We’ll go out for one last sunrise shoot in the north coast region before concluding the workshop.


Professional Photographer & Guide : You will be guided by a professional photographer who has a good understanding of how light and weather interact with one another. I’ll be at your disposal for any and all questions regarding camera settings, composition, and more.

• Helicopter flight: A photographic helicopter flight is included in the cost of the workshop assuming that the weather allows for it. There is a chance that the flight could get cut short or not go at all if the weather turns sour.

• Virtual Post Processing Session: Some time will be set aside for post processing during the duration of the workshop.

• 15% Discount from LensRentals.com

• 15% Discount on f-stop camera bags


Kauai' Hawaii


• Accommodations: In order to provide greater flexibility for participants, accommodations are not provided for this workshop. You will be given a list of recommended places to stay during our time on the island however. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to share accommodations with another workshop participant and I will do my best to to pair you up.

• Transportation : Each participant will be responsible for their own transportation between lodges as well as to and from shoots. If you would like to ride-share, please contact me and I’ll do my best to pair you up.

Meals: Meals are not included with this workshop.

• Pilot gratuities: Tipping your helicopter pilot is not required, but is greatly appreciated for their service.

• Airfare: You will be responsible for your own airfare to and from Kauai. Lihue is the only major airport on Kauai (LIH)

Cathedrals From Above

The Cathedrals of the Na Pali Coast of Kauai'


KAUAI 2024 WINTER WORKSHOP – $2,499 | Add to cart at bottom of page

The cost of this workshop includes only that which is covered in the the “What’s included” section of this page. A down payment of $600 dollars is required to reserve your spot on the workshop. Full payment is required no later than 120 days before the workshop starts. Trip insurance is strongly encouraged in case you have to cancel. Insurance will also protect you in the unlikely event that the workshop gets cancelled due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Waimea Sunset

Western Shore of Kauai'


Sometimes life can get in the way of a good a thing. Hopefully that doesn’t happen during this workshop, but if it does the following cancelation policy applies.

• 120 days or more – Full refund minus a $200 cancelation fee

• 60 days to 119 days – 50% refund

• 60 days or less – no refund

Should have to cancel and I find a replacement for your space, I’ll refund your full payment minus the $200 cancelation fee.


This workshop is open to photographers of all skill levels.

Nice Day For a Swim

Kauai, Hawii


February 28th - March 3rd: Poipu (checkout on the 3rd)Sheraton Kauai Resort
This beautiful property overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is conveniently located in the town of Poi Pu.

March 3rd - 6th: Princeville (checkout on the 6th)The Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas

LODGING NOTE: While the lodges mentioned above will be our centralized meeting point for each shoot, you can opt to stay at an AirBnb or VRBO rental if you'd like to save some money.


Click here to see a complete list of recommended gear

• Camera: To get the most out of this workshop you’ll want to bring a camera with interchangeable lenses.

• Lenses: Ultra Wide (16-35mm on full frame or 10-24mm on crop sensor) Mid Range (24-70mm or 18-55mm on crop sensor) Telephoto (70 -200mm or 100-400mm on full frame 18-140mm on crop sensor)

• Tripod: You’ll want a sturdy tripod for your camera. There may be times when it is in moving water so the stronger the better. Feel free to reach out to me for tripod recommendations.

• Filters: It is highly recommended that you have a polarizer for every lens that you own. These will help darken the blue in the sky and get rid of any unwanted glare.

Solid ND filters are a must for any landscape photographer looking to create dramatic images on the coast. I recommend a six stop as well as a ten stop. Breakthrough makes my favorite ND filters.

Graduated ND filters can be a nice addition to your kit as well. Generally I prefer three stop grads in both soft and hard graduations. Breakthrough is my preferred brand.

• Intervalometer: This device can be used to program exposures longer than 30 seconds when in Bulb mode. I recommend buying a third party brand such as Neewer.

Rain Cover: As mentioned above, rain can be expected at some point throughout the workshop. It is a good idea to have a rain cover for your camera as well as your camera bag.

• Headlamp: Be prepared to be hiking in the dark on the edges of day. I suggest getting in the habit of leaving a headlamp in your camera bag at all times.

Trekking Poles: Some of the hikes will be wet, uneven, and in very slippery clay. I highly recommend bringing a trekking pole to help guide you dune slippery slopes.

Kauai Landscape Photography Workshop

Kauai Landscape Photography Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to make sure I book the best Kauai photography workshop. What makes your workshop the best?: Most workshops stay in the center part of the island (Kapaa) Kapaa is one of the least scenic areas on the island and the traffic is terrible. On my Kauai workshop we base out of the quaint villages of PoiPu and Princeville. There areas are very close to incredible shooting locations which dramatically cuts down on drive times and gives more time for proper resting which is very important on a 7 day trip. The workshop also includes a door off helicopter flight which the absolute best way to photograph the Na Pali coast. Boat rides can be very rough and do not produce as good of photographs. Lastly, my Kauai workshop takes place in the winter which has the highest potential of producing dramatic images due to the probability of large waves and clouds.

• Can I book an AirBnb instead of the recommended workshop lodging?: YES, lodging in Kauai can be expensive but there are quite a few affordable Airbnb properties on the island.

• Why does the work shop take place on two different parts of the island? Kauai is relatively small but drive times can be quite long. It is a much better experience for the workshop to be based out of two different areas in order to keep the drive time down. This is especially important when we're already waking up early for sunrise. Short drives mean more rest and more rest means better photos. :)

• Do you recommend staying longer after the workshop has ended? We will cover most of the island on the workshop so there is no need to stay longer but I always recommend staying on Kauai for as long as you possibly can because it is absolute paradise!

• What type of photography will we be doing on this workshop? During this week long Kauai photography tour we will be shooting coastal landscapes that include sandy beaches, rocky shorelines, photogenic piers and we'll even do some aerial photography from a helicopter.

• Is there much hiking and is it hard? This workshop has relatively little hiking. We will do one or two small hikes. Please see the hiking section above for more info.

• I have a few questions. How can I contact you? The easiest way to contact me is to send me and email using my Contact Form. I'd love to hear from you.

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