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Yosemite National Park, California

As a full time landscape photographer I’ve seen my fair share of beautiful places. After traveling the US and much of the world, there are very few places that compare to the beauty of Yosemite National Park and the greater Sierra Nevada mountain range. Thanks to its iconic landscape, Yosemite has produced some of my best selling and most memorable fine art prints to date. Click on any image in this article to find out more about purchasing and print options.

Unveiling Halfdome

Fine Art Print | Limited Edition of 100

Halfdome is perhaps the most famous rock in the U.S. Every year millions of people flock to Yosemite National Park to get a glimpse of this amazing formation. Towering nearly 5,000 feet above Yosemite Valley, Halfdome's summit is 8,800 ft above sea level.

When it comes to photographs, there couldn't be a more picturesque time than in the winter months. The face of Halfdome freezes over as it is covered with ice and snow from harsh winter storms. If one is lucky enough, they will see dappled light dance across the rocks of Yosemite Valley as the storm begins to break.

The iconic rock is estimated to have formed around 65 million years ago beneath the earth's surface. The Sierra Nevada mountain chain is rising at the rapid rate of one inch every twenty years. At this rate the entire Sierra Nevada mountain range could have been formed in three million years! © Mike Wardynski Photography

Yosemite and the range of light

John Muir dubbed the Sierra Nevada as the range of light. After spending ten years photographing Yosemite National park, I thoroughly understand how he arrived at that moniker. From afternoon thunderstorms in summer to the dusting of snow in winter, Yosemite has a way of creating light that is straight out of a fairytale. I’ve watched solid blue skies turn into ravaging storms only to break and turn back to blue. Some of my favorite images have been taken durning these sensational storms.

It’s no secret that Yosemite us a special place. The 60” print of “Shifting Clouds and Warm Rays Over Yosemite” that hangs in my office reminds me of how powerful the scenery can be in the Sierra Nevada. That image was taken on an overnight backpacking trip in Yosemite’s back country which is where I find the most joy creating unique landscape photography.

Shifting Clouds and Warm Rays Over Yosemite

Fine Art Print | Limited Edition of 100

There's no question as to why John Muir dubbed the Sierra Nevada the range of light. Light seems to dance across the landscape during the edge of day. Watching this phenomenon is nearly enough to make one believe in magic. The last rays of light shine on the face of Halfdome painting it with a golden glow that is nothing short of heavenly. © Mike Wardynski Photography

Unofficial photographer in residence

I moved to Yosemite National Park in the spring of 2010 to get my first taste of life in the west. Coming from the Midwest, the Sierra Nevada offered much more iconic landscapes than what I was used to seeing back home in Michigan. (No offense Michiganders) Living in Yosemite for three years allowed me to build a portfolio of recognizable and sometimes not so recognizable images of one of the most sought out travel destinations in the world. Due to the popularity of Yosemite and the amount of time I have spent in the park, my Sierra Nevada images are some of my best sellers. More than ten years later, I continue to find new ways to photograph Yosemite valley and its high peaks.

Last Rays On Yosemite Valley

Fine Art Print | Limited Edition of 100

The Sierra Nevada has been dubbed the "Range of Light" When I stand in Yosemite National Park and watch scene like this unfold, there is no question in my mind how the moniker came to be. This pink and purple cotton candy sunset happened on a mid February evening when most of the visitors in Yosemite were trying to get a glimpse of Horsetail Fall. Meanwhile a few other photographers and I had Tunnel View all to ourselves. This was a truly special moment that will never forget. Yosemite certainly has the power to touch the human soul.

From left to right is El Capitan, Halfdome, Sentinel Dome, The Three Cathedrals, and Bridalveil Fall ©Mike Wardynski Photography

Halfdome prints from every angle.

Halfdome is one of the most beautiful and perhaps most famous pieces of granite in the world. Sorry, your new kitchen countertops don’t even come close to comparing! Over the course of ten years I made a point to photograph Halfdome from as many angles as possible. Sometimes the photograph required little hiking effort for a great reward and other times I had to climb thousands of feet in rugged terrain to gain access to a rarely photographed vantage point. I’m always amazed at how this iconic rock seems to change shape with every angle.

Halfdome, Full moon

Fine Art Black And White Print | Limited Edition of 100

Ansel Adams was not the first photographer to shoot Halfdome but he was certainly the most famous. Today, Yosemite Valley looks very much the same way that it did during his time. This classic view of Halfdome has a timeless quality that commands attention in any room. © Mike Wardynski Photography

Seasonal photography in Yosemite.

People often ask, when is my favorite time of year to photograph the park? The truth is that every season offers something special. The springtime is vibrant with fresh green foliage, rushing water, and an abundance of wildflowers. Eventually summer rolls around with its warm months that are perfect for high Sierra backpacking and thunderstorms. As summer gives way to Autumn, the creeks slow to a trickle and fall foliage in hues of yellow dominate the landscape. Finally winter arrives with a modest chill that decorates the rocks and trees with a fresh blankets of snow creating the dream like imagery that can be seen in many of my photographs.

Visit my Yosemite & Sierra Nevada gallery to view my latest prints of the park and Eastern Sierra.

Evergreens and Granite

Fine Art Print | Limited Edition of 100

There are hidden gems all over Yosemite National Park and the landscape is constantly changing. After living in the valley for three years, the thing that impresses me the most is how different it can look from season to season and even from day to day. Winter is often the most dramatic season in the park when fast moving storms transform the mountains into a snow covered wonderland. © Mike Wardynski Photography

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