Contemporary Black And White photography For Purchase

There’s a certain timelessness when it comes to black and white photography. Perhaps that is why so many people are drawn to this particular art form for their homes. A black and white photograph never goes out of style and fits with practically any design concept. The lack of color allows the print viewer to focus on the content of the image while eliminating any distracting colors.

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Contemporary black and white landscape photography
Black and White Photography Commission by Mike Wardynski

Why Choose Black And White Photography For Your Home Or Office?

Choosing artwork and photography that you’ll be happy with for the rest of your life is important. The neutral nature of black and white photography makes it easy on the eyes and much less likely that you’ll tire of looking at the artwork in the future. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons to choose a black and white photograph for your wall.

While color can be a bold, attractive option, it is much harder to avoid design and color conflicts when hanging multiple color pieces within the same room. It is much easier to find consistencies in black and white photography as opposed to color photography. This is particularly important if you’re interested in displaying the artwork of multiple photographers or artists in the same room.

Contemorary black and white wall art and photograpghy
Black & White Calla Lilly Photographs by Mike Wardynski "Calla Lilly" (left) "Contemplation Lilly" (right)

Black And White Photographs Work In Any Room

One of the hardest parts of picking out artwork and photography for your home is choosing a piece that will fit in with the décor of a given room. When you choose to decorate with black and white photographs, you don’t need to worry about staying within a particular color scheme since there isn’t a color scheme in black and white art. It’s neutral, so it fits with any color palate and any preexisting décor.

Make A Statement With Contemporary Black And White Photography

A statement art piece is a piece of art that is impossible to ignore. While the content of the artwork can make a statement itself, large format artwork and prints make a much bigger statement than smaller works of art. The size of the room will determine the size of artwork needed to make a statement. For example, a 40”x60” piece of artwork will make a statement in most homes with traditional ceiling heights but the same print might look small on 20’ high wall with a lot of wall real-estate.

Contemporary black and white wall art
"Halfdome,Full Moon" Black & White Framed Photograph

Proper Framing For Black And White Photographs

A black and white photograph can command the attention in a room when printed and framed properly. Most black and white prints look best when framed in neutral colored frames such as black, white, silver or dark brown. In most cases it does not make much sense to use a loud frame that will compete with the image itself. For example, You wouldn’t want to frame an elegant fine art print in a gaudy golden frame with a lot of texture because your eyes might be tempted to look at the frame instead of the artwork itself. A good frame should complement not compete with the artwork.

"The Bend" Framed Black & White Limited Edition Print

Fine Art Photography By Mike Wardynski

I hope that you have found this article useful. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions that arose during your reading. Click on any of the images in the article to see a larger version of the featured black and white photograph within it. Visit my contemporary black and white photography gallery to see more of my artwork. All prints are limited edition and are available in custom sizes, substrates and framing options.


Black and White Photography modern artwork
"Light Dance" Abstract black and white photograph in 4" Roma Frame
Modern frameless black and white art
"Intertwined Circles" Contemporary black and white abstract photography
Modern high end BW wall art
"Ocean Fade" Contemporary Black and White Landscape Photography"
Contemporary black and white wildlife photography prints
"In the Eye of the Bison" Limited Fine Art Photograph in Roma Frame
Modern Landscape photography in Black and White for purchase
"Keyhole" Contemporary Black and White Landscape Photography
Modern B&W landscape Photography
"Desert Dream" Framed Limited Edition Wall Art
Modern Black and White Photography for purchase
"Silk Dunes" Modern Black & White Sand Dune Photography
One of a kind photography commission
"Lock and Key" Limited Edition Fine Art Photograph
Modern Black and WhiteWildlife Photography
"Stare Down" - Prestige Series in Roma Tabacchino Frame (Dark Ash)