The Best Photography Workshops in 2024

There's no shortage of photography workshops available in 2024. So how does one choose where to go and who to go with? Choosing a good photography workshop can feel overwhelming at times. Simply picking a location can be paralyzing, not to mention picking a good guide. I have been leading photography workshops for the past decade and have shot alongside some of the best photographers in the landscape and wildlife field. I know choosing a workshop can be hard so I went ahead and made a list of some of the best photography workshops in the U.S and around the world in 2024.

The Best Photography Workshops in 2024

Without further ado, here's the list of some of the best photography workshops in the world!

Rocky Mountain National Park Winter Photography Workshop | Jan 26 - 28 (3 days) | Dan Ballard

2023 photography workshops in the usa
Rocky Mountain National Park in Winter Photography Workshop

Capture stunning winter scenes of Rocky Mountain National Park in this 3-day landscape photography workshop with Dan Ballard. Winter is an excellent time of year to visit the park – with significantly less crowds, magnificent snow capped mountains and endless beauty. One sunrise shoot will include a guided snowshoe hike to Dream Lake! In the classroom, participants will receive constructive feedback on their work. They will learn how to create energy and drama in a photograph through advanced composition skills and creative image editing, while always staying true to the reality of a scene. Dan’s editing process is both easy to learn and effective. It’s all about utilizing the tools that allow photographers to be more artistic with their work.


PRINT SALES MASTERCLASS 2024 | Feb 16 - 18 (3 -days) | Ryan Smith & Robert Park

Photo printing workshop
Photo Printing Workshop

Taking a photograph is just the first step in a large process. There's nothing better than seeing your print come to life on paper, metal or acrylic. This two part workshop will focus on print making & sales. During the first half of the workshop you'll learn print centric editing techniques, calibration, ICC profiles and more. The second portion will focus on the art of print sales and marketing. After the workshop you'll have the tools you need to confidently make the right decisions when it comes time for print. The workshop is based out of Las Vegas Nevada which makes it easy to fly in and out of.


Kauai Photography Workshop | Feb 28 - Mar 6 (8 days) | Mike Wardynski

Kauai Photography Workshop - mike Wardynski Photography

Kauai Landscape Photography Workshop - Mike Wardynski Photography

Kauai is one of the most photogenic islands in the world. Located in the Hawaii island chain, Kauai is in a league of it's own. From sandy beaches to the rugged Na Pali coast line, there is no shortage of incredible landscape photography opportunities. During this week long workshop you will have the opportunity to photograph the entire island of Kauai. The workshop is held in the winter to increase the chances of large surf and dramatic skies. You'll most likely see multiple rainbows throughout the trip!

A doors-off helicopter flight is included in the price of admission allowing you to capture the most incredible views of the Na Pali coast and Waimea Canyon. During this truly unique photo workshop you'll learn about aerial photography, long exposures with neutral density filters and much much more. If that wasn't enough, you'll be making incredible photographs in paradise while having the time of your life!


Personal Visions Virtual Workshop | March 2- 3 (2 Days) | Frans Lanting

Virtual photography workshop by Frans Lanting

Virtual photography workshop with Frans Lanting

This virtual weekend workshop is open to participants from anywhere in the world. It is aimed at helping photographers refine a body of existing work via Zoom during one-on-one sessions with Frans Lanting and his team through image reviews and group discussions. The emphasis will be on individual project and portfolio development.

The program includes an orientation session before the workshop weekend, and two full-day classroom sessions. All sessions will take place via Zoom between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time.


Tucson Milky Way & Star-trails Photography Workshop | March 8-10 (3-days) Sean Parker

Astrophotography Workshop - Sean Parker

Astrophotography Workshop - Sean Parker

Looking to step up your night photography skills? Embark on a captivating journey into the cosmos with a Night Sky Photography Workshop in Tucson, Arizona. Hosted against the enchanting desert backdrop, this workshop is a unique opportunity for photography enthusiasts to master the art of capturing the celestial wonders above. Participants will delve into the technicalities of night sky photography, learning essential skills such as long exposure techniques, composition strategies, and post-processing workflows.

With the guidance of internationally renowned photographer Sean Parker, attendees will explore the breathtaking beauty of Tucson's night sky, immersing themselves in the magic of stargazing and astrophotography. This workshop promises a blend of education and hands-on experience, creating unforgettable memories under the starlit Arizona sky. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer, join us for an illuminating and inspiring night of capturing the cosmos in all its glory.


Arches National Park | March 15 - 17 (3-Days) | Aperture Academy

Arches southwest photography workshop
Arches National Park Photography Workshop

Located in northern Utah, Arches National Park is unlike anywhere on earth. You have to see it to believe it! Red sandstone rocks align with the La Sal mountain range to create unbelievable photo opportunities that are out of this world. Arches is conveniently located just outside of Moab so drive times are kept to a minimal during most of the workshop.

During this three day photography tour you'll photograph some of the most unique sandstone arches in the world including Delicate Arch, Double Arch and more. You'll have the opportunity to focus on large vistas as well as intimate scenes. Any desert lover will have a blast on this workshop.


The White Horses of Camargue | May 3 - 7 (5 days) | Mike Wardynski

Camargue Photography Workshop White Horses

The White Horses of Camargue Photography Workshop

Imagine walking down a sandy beach with gorgeous white horses in the south of France. The Camargue horses are one of the most ancient horse breeds in the world and they also happen to be one of the most photogenic breeds as well. The wild horses of Camargue are an absolute dream to photograph. On this workshop you'll conduct seven shoots with the horses over the course of five days. A local guide and guardian (french cowboy) will help get the horses into the right position for the perfect shot.

To keep things interesting, the locations and number of horses will vary. You have the opportunity to photograph minimal scenes of the horses as they rest as well as iconic shots of the horses running though the ocean and rearing up. While most photography workshop only include two ocean shoots. This workshop includes three to increase your chances of getting truly remarkable shots. All lodging and ground transportation is included.



storm chasing photography workshop

storm chasing photography workshop

The late spring and early summer is a period of time when incredibly powerful and beautiful thunderstorms roam the Great Plains of the United States. Atmospheric conditions that develop during this time of year create a favorable environment for storms that can be extremely photogenic. Skyscape Photo Tours specializes in placing their guests safely in a position that is optimal to capture memorable images of these incredible storm systems. During their workshops, guests will have the opportunity to learn about forecasting and storm behavior, in addition to photographic techniques and photo processing.

Beginning and ending in Denver, this 7 day adventure, led by forecaster Steve Saviano and photographer Bruce Omori, will literally take you to where the wind blows, as these sought-after super cells are very dynamic and can form rapidly just about anywhere in the conducive Midwest. Beginning with a detailed analysis of meteorological models each morning, every day is an adventure and holds the potential for witnessing one of the most awe-inspiring displays of the power of nature. These chases also provide clients a chance to experience the culture and cuisine of the Heartland in unique fashion!


Crested Butte Wildflowers | July 10 -13 | Exploring Exposure

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Crested Butte Photography Workshop, July 2024

In Colorado, one can find a beautiful and diverse landscape, with the Rocky Mountains standing as the state's crowning glory. Throughout the summer months, the region bursts into vibrant life, especially in the charming mountain town of Crested Butte. Affectionately known as the "Wildflower Capital of Colorado," Crested Butte's valleys and hills burst forth with a breathtaking array of colorful blooms, particularly during the month of July.

These picturesque surroundings, framed by majestic mountains, have established the town as a beloved destination for nature and wildflower photography enthusiasts. This photography adventure is dedicated to capturing the allure of the high alpine terrain, placing a special focus on the captivating meadows of wildflowers, waterfalls, and reflections in alpine lakes. Additionally, we will journey to the elevated heights to explore the awe-inspiring mountain vistas and immortalize the vibrant carpet of flowers gracing the hillsides. Drawing from a decade of exploration and photography experience in Crested Butte, David Kingham and Jennifer Renwick are thrilled to impart their knowledge and expertise, offering a unique summer photography experience in the heart of Colorado.


Grand Teton Photography Workshop | Sept 21 -23 (3 days)| Aperture Academy

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Grand Teton Photography Workshop 2024

Grand Teton is one of the most ideal photography location in the United States. The park's proximity to Jackson Hole makes it very assessable and comfortable to shoot. The Teton range creates a stunning backdrop for landscape photography and the abundance of big game makes Grand Teton one of the best locations in the U.S. for wildlife photography. During the workshop you'll have very good odds of photographing moose, elk, pronghorn, black bears, grizzlies coyotes and more.

This 3 day photography workshop offers a good mix of landscape and wildlife opportunities. You'll have the opportunity to focus on landscape photography when the light is at its best and transition to wildlife photography when the light is more conducive for that. Aperture Academy has been leading workshops in the Teton range for many years and has instructors that will work very hard to get you to the right spot at the right time.


Caddo Lake in Autumn | Multiple Nov. Dates | Mike Mezeul II

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Caddo Lake Photography Workshop 2024

The swamps of East Texas are a magical place filled with mysterious cypress trees, majestic birds and an eerie fog that keeps you curious around each bend. During the autumn season, this normally lush green environment transforms into a landscape filled with vibrant oranges and fiery reds, only adding to its uniqueness. Not only are they filled with endless visuals, these swamps hold decades of history and folklore.

During this workshop, you will learn how to create captivating imagery that brings your audience into a place that many don’t realize exists. You will learn how to see and visualize a frame within a landscape that at first can seem quite overwhelming. You will learn how to appreciate the smallest of details and largest of scales, while being surprised at times by what nature can show you. And while you’re at it, you’ll also take time to put your camera down and to see the beauty that resides in the swamps.



Yellowstone in Winter Photography Workshop | Exact Dates Dates Coming In Spring | Mike Wardynski Photography

Snow covered bison in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone in Winter Photography Workshop with Mike Wardynski

Winter is the most beautiful time of year to photograph Yellowstone National Park. The white blanket of snow creates idyllic landscape scenes that are minimal in nature. The snow also creates a clean backdrop for photographing the wide variety of wildlife that can be found within the park. The bison are the star of the show in winter as they use their powerful neck muscles to dig though feet of snow to graze. Other wildlife opportunities could include coyotes, foxes, wolves, bald eagles, trumpeter swans, bob cats and more.

One this three day photography workshop you will travel though Yellowstone via snow coach. Each workshop participant will get a seat for themselves and a seat for their gear allowing for maximum comfort during the trip. This workshop is one of the most enjoyable photography workshops that you will ever do. 2025 dates to be announced in spring of 2024.


Patagonia Fall Photography Workshop | 2025 Dates Coming Soon | Mike Wardynski Photography

Patagonia Fall Photography Workshop
Patagonia Fall Photography Workshop

Patagonia is one of the most magnificent landscapes in the world and autumn is most beautiful time to visit when the fall foliage turns vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. On this amazing 12 day photography workshop you'll discover incredible scenes of Mount Fitz Roy in El Chalten, walk on the Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glacier National Park and photograph some of the world's most iconic mountains in Torres Del Paine, Chile. All ground transportation and lodging is included in the price of admission. There will be an option add on a puma tracking expedition at the end of the workshop.