Santa Fe Artwork Reproduction Photography | 2D & 3D

As an artist you spend a great deal of time perfecting your work. When presenting that work to the world it is important to protect its original integrity. With nearly two decades of experience as a fine art photographer, I will reproduce your artwork with the same care and precision that I use when creating my own.

Artwork Photography, Reproduction & Giclee Printing

Located in the Eldorado neighborhood in Santa Fe NM, I specialize in high quality artwork photography that can be used for limited edition prints as well as online promotion. Every step of the photography process is carefully executed to ensure that your art is captured and represented the way you intended it to be.

2D Artwork Reproduction Photography Service

Santa Fe Artwork Photography

The 2D artwork photography service includes high quality artwork reproduction photography, a custom built color profile to ensure color accuracy, color correction and dust spot removal and a 8.5 x 11 proof.

In addition to the paper proof, a high resolution 300 ppi image in the file format of your choice as well as a 72 ppi web ready image will be delivered digitally via email or drop box.

2D Artwork Reproduction Prices

• 1 - 3 pieces $75 per piece

• 4 - 9 pieces $65 per piece

• 10 or more pieces $60 per piece

2D Artwork includes the following formats: Oil paintings, acrylic paintings, water color, drawings, charcoal

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Artwork photography in Santa Fe New Mexico

Artwork photography in Santa Fe New Mexico.

3D Artwork & Sculpture Photography Service

Santa Fe Sculpture photography

The 3D artwork photography service is intended for artist who would like high quality representation of their work for print publications and or web promotion. The 3D artwork photography service includes high quality photography of the original art piece.

Since sculptures and other 3D artwork varies greatly in size, reflectivity, and post processing needs, the service is billed at an hourly rate. Reach out for a free consultation on sculpture and other 3D artwork photography.

3D Artwork Reproduction Prices

• $150 per hour for photography services

• $100 per hour for post processing and retouching services

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Fine Art Giclee Printing Service

I use a twelve ink giclee inkjet printer for all of my fine art prints to ensure a high quality and long lasting piece of art.

Giclee printing starts at the competitive rate of 17 cents per square inch. Discounts are offered for high volume print jobs.

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