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If you’re a photographer or artist then you’d probably much rather be working on art instead of cutting matboards. Unfortunately, matting artwork is a necessary evil for most artists. What if there was an easier way? Well…. I have good news for you. There is. After doing some research and trying out a few online mat cutters and weeding out companies with poor quality cuts and bad customer service, I found Matboard Plus. They’re based out of Albuquerque New Mexico and offer nationwide shipping for a reasonable price as well as in store pickup for NM locals. They offer shipping to Canadian resident as well. Matboard Plus is the best place I have found to buy precut matboard online.

Where to buy large precut matboards online

Why I like Matboard Plus

As mentioned above, buying matboard online can be a bit of a gamble when it comes to
overcuts. I have purchased a number of orders from Matboard Plus and all of the orders have
had consistently clean cuts. Their customer service has been fantastic and they even stayed
open for me to pick up my mats in person when I was running late from the airport. I especially
like the fact that they offer custom sized matboard show kits that come with self-sealing
protective sleaves. These kits work great for my 8”x12” and 13”x21” prints. Additionally, their
in-house production capabilities allow for fast turn-around time on any order size.

small matboard

About Matboard Plus

Matboard Plus started in 2011 in a bedroom and now operates out of a 10,000 sq
ft warehouse and has 9 full time employees. They utilize state of the art Gunnar
computerized mat cutting equipment and ship all over US and Canada. They
specialize in Crescent brand matboards including standard acid-free,
conservation grade and archival grade. All of their matboards are made in the
USA. Their customers include individuals, professional photographers, artists,
schools, art programs and large organizations that require thousands of pieces.
They can custom cut mats to any size up to 32"x40" which makes them a great
resource for anyone who needs custom high quality matboards.

matboard show kits for art fairs

What are the different types of matboard?

Now that you know where to buy your matboard from it’s important to discuss the different

Types of matboard

Standard Grade (acid-free mat boards)
Matboards in this category are constructed of wood pulp that is treated with calcium carbonate
to slow the harmful effects of acid and lignin. These are also known as decorative matboards.
This type of matboard is recommended for basic framing of non-valuable art and general
presentations. Suitable for most everyday matting needs.
Conservation Grade (100% virgin alpha-cellulose surface, core and backing)

Acid-Free and Lignin-Free
, creating a purified paper that is fade and bleed resistant and
buffered with calcium carbonate to keep them safe for long term presentation of art. This
product meets all Conservation Quality standards set by the Fine Art Trade Guild. Best for art of
personal value, photography, limited edition and fine art prints, and documents/diplomas. The
choice of professionals...when quality matters!

Archival Grade (100% cotton mats - Museum quality)
Museum mat boards are made of cotton which is naturally acid-free and lignin-free so it starts
and stays pH neutral and safe for art. Meets all standards for Museum Quality as set by the Fine
Art Trade Guild. Lifetime of protection. Suitable for valuable works of original art, historic
documents, artwork that must be preserved at museum grade level. When utmost preservation
is required.

precut matboard by matboard plus


Cutting Matboard is time consuming and as an artist, my time is better spent on my art. That is
why I use Matboard Plus for all of my matboard cutting. Their cuts are clean and they stand
behind their product. All of their matboards are made and cut in the USA for a 100% American
product. Their prices are very reasonable and well worth the cost of not having to cut the mats
yourself. As an art show artist, I am particularly grateful for their art show kits that come with a
backer board and self-adhering poly bag.

matboard in modern frame
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