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Photoshop vs Zerene Stacker

Fine Art Print | Limited Edition of 50

The delicate petals of a purple flower reflect on a black glass to create a clean and minimalistic photograph that is both striking and modern. This still life image represents both beauty and fragility © Mike Wardynski Photography


Before digging into the Photoshop vs Zerene Stacker challenge, I’d like to give a brief introduction to what focus stacking is...

Make Dreamy Landscapes in Photoshop with Oniric Plugin

In the world of digital photography, post processing is just as important as finding the right composition and pressing the shutter button. In landscape photography it is the photographer’s job to invoke a feeling or emotion within the viewer as if they are actually standing in the location that the photo was taken...

How to Simulate Long Exposures in Photoshop

Long Exposure photography is thrilling because the camera is creating something that the eye cannot see. Traditionally, neutral density filters are used to create long exposures but a similar effect can easily be achieved with with editing software...